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I started Surf The Earth in 1990. I had spent the previous 5 years either skiing, biking, or surfing some of the best spots in the world. This included 5 winter seasons in the rockies, extended stays throughout the South Pacific which included the French Polynesian Island, Cook Island, Fijian Islands, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Hawaii, and a large part of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. While traveling, I met many other travelers and most of us realized the importance of good quality gear. So, I started Surf The Earth with the goal of creating high quality surf gear that would stand the test of time, gear that you could count on. We began making board shorts, t-shirts, hats, and stickers ; selling to surf shops. By the mid 90's, our distribution grew to over 500 retailers and multi- international distributors. 


Since then... my beautiful wife , Deanna, and I decided to slow the pace. Having been gifted three beautiful children, it was time to shift the focus to family and live more in the present. in May of 2020 we opened our primary retail location in Pawleys Island, South Carolina with the aim of creating a truly unique shopping experience. Simultaneously, we introduced an ecotourism side of Surf The Earth - offering waterman camps, private surf lessons, surf camps, paddle board and kayak tours guided by local guides, and equipment rentals. 

We are fueled by the outdoors and feel grateful to call Pawleys Island our home. Our team is filled with passion and a love for sharing local knowledge. Whether you are in need of quality threads or looking to get out on the water, with over 30 years of experience, we are here to help. 

Swing by for some high fives and hospitality, we look forward to meeting and serving you! 

- Scott Benston


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